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We Have Survived So Long By Giving Our Customers Service And Satisfaction Also By Making Toys That Can’t Be Bought Anywhere Else In The World !

We Have Featured On National T.V. And Many Times On The Radio And In The Media.  


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Nottingham U.K.

0759 504 9548

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Eco Friendly Toys

No Plastic !

At Rob-Roy

We Are Very Proud To Be One Of The Last Remaining Wooden Toy Makers.

We Also Buy Toys From All Over The World To Compliment Our Own. All Passed To Safety Standards Safe For Your Child.

 Bigjigs, LankaKade, Legler, Le Toy Van, & More.

Formally England’s Oldest And Largest Wooden Toy Shop

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Name Jigsaws

name jigsaws, hand made jigsaw name jigsaw names

Have You Noticed? Most Name Jigsaws Are Made With Capital Letters? That's Not How Children Learn To Spell Their Name !  We Make Upper & Lower Case Jigsaws.
These Jigsaws Have Hand Painted Letters With An Animal Theme To Match The Letter For Word Recognition.
Wipe Clean Laminated Wood Backing (Will Vary).
They Also Have A Knob For Small Hands To Hold.
Helps Them Learn To Spell Their Name !
Size Varies ‘Jack’ Approximately 26 x 11 cm

Letters In Jigsaw Name :
Enter Name For Jigsaw :
Please Enter Phone Number :


£3.99 A Letter

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